New Medit - Vol. 20 N. 5 (2021) - Bologna University Press
New Medit - Vol. 20 N. 5 (2021)
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Jeder, Abdelhamid and Salah investigate farmers in the south-east of Tunisia to determine the factors influencing adaptation strategies. All actions aimed at improving the resilience of agriculture in Tunisia’s arid regions to climate change, emphasize mainly the strategies adopted by farmers in terms of water management, technical choices and the adopted production systems combined with the experience and local know-how.
The paper of Özsayin and Korkmaz aims to determine the participation tendencies in organic agriculture activities of women living in rural areas of the northwestern part of Turkey. According to the results of the participation index score, rural women’s participation of in organic farming activities was highest in the fertilizer application stage and the least in the marketing stage. As a result, the findings of the study are expected to make significant contributio
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